Bush Proposes Slashes to Programs 
That Benefit Rural Texas

Waco, Tx (February 9, 2006) - Once again President Bush delivered a budget proposal to Congress that cuts more than $5 billion from programs that help farmers and rural communities survive. Texas Farmers Union said that cutting these programs at a time when the rural economy is struggling is a serious mistake.

“Once again the Administration is proposing to drastically cut the 2002 farm bill safety net at a time when Texas farms are struggling,” TFU President Wes Sims said. “Commodity prices have been declining, production in many areas has been down as a result of weather-related disasters, and input costs have skyrocketed as a result of energy costs.”

The 2002 Farm Bill promised farmers and ranchers a guaranteed safety net for six years to help rural America cope with economic circumstances beyond their control. The administration’s proposal would force Congress to go back on this promise it made to rural America, while cutting taxes for the nation’s wealthiest.

“I know that we need to reduce the federal budget deficit,” Sims said. "But it does not make sense that the administration wants to lower payment limits at a time when we can’t get a price from the marketplace, especially when we have been ravaged by weather circumstances beyond our control.”

Texas Farmers Union will be working to ensure that Congress does not enact the President’s proposals, and recognizes the need to protect our nation’s food and fiber producers.

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