Why Is Dental Insurance Important?

1. Over 120 medical conditions are first detected by a dental exam.

*Thyroid Problems *Diabetes *Leukemia *Brain Tumors *Oral Cancer *Hardening of the Arteries

2. 117,000 school hours are missed for every 100,000 students due to oral health issues.

3. 40% of the bacteria found in the carotid artery fatty deposits of stroke suffers came from the mouth.

4. Spontaneous pre-term births are 7-8 times more likely in women with gum disease.

5. Dental benefits encourage preventive care. Every $1 spent on prevention saves $4 in treatment.

6. Total expenditures on dental services have increased from $13 billion to $54 billion between 1980 and 1998.

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We've Added Dental/Vision
We've Added Dental/Vision

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