Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Complete the Texas Farmers Union membership form.

Step 2: Write check for $25 for the Texas Farmers Union membership fee.

Step 3: Complete, sign and date enrollment form. Be sure to include information on all individuals to be covered.

Step 4: Complete the payment options sheet. You can select any of the choices below:

SEND NO MONEY: 1. Visa monthly. 2. Visa annual. 3. MasterCard monthly. 4. MasterCard annual.

PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH ENROLLMENT FORM: 1. PAID (automatic checking deductions). 2. Semi-annual. 3. Annual. 4. Milk check deduction (if available in your area)

Step 5: Return the following to Texas Farmers Union:

a. Texas Farmers Union membership form

b. Check for $25 to Texas Farmers Union for membership fee.

c. Completed enrollment form and payment option form.

d. Check made payable to Greater Insurance Service for one month's premium (unless paying with VISA or MasterCard)

If you have any questions concerning the Dental/Vision coverage, contact Texas Farmers Union at 1-800-299-3276.

Dental Insurance Importance

Dental/Vision Plan Outline

We've Added Dental/Vision
We've Added Dental/Vision

Texas Farmers Union, P.O. Box 738, Sweetwater, Tx 79556