Farmers Union Introduces
Comprehensive New Farm Bill

Waco, Texas (July 12, 2001) -- Texas Farmers Union (TFU) President Wes Sims, today stated the family farmer and rancher organization's recommendations for a comprehensive new farm bill, recently outlined before the Senate Agriculture Committee, by National Farmers Union (NFU) President Leland Swenson, would provide the opportunity for more farm income from the market and less from the government. NFU's fiscally responsible plan would stem the price crisis and fix the inequities that have been created by Freedom to Farm.

Farmers Union's legislative initiative provides a strong farm safety net based on a counter-cyclical, non-recourse marketing loan that takes into account producer costs and productivity to address the depressed commodity prices faced by America's family farmers and ranchers.

"The tax cut recently passed by Congress significantly reduces any projected surplus and makes it imperative that lawmakers adopt a law that will improve commodity prices for America's farmers and ranchers," Sims said. "Our plan does this in a just and fair way that is fiscally responsible and benefits family farmers and ranchers. It provides the greatest economic, social and environmental benefit to our rural communities and to all of America.

"We are pleased that the Senate has chosen to expedite the task of developing a new farm law," Sims said. "We look forward to continued work with the committee and the rest of Congress to improve the economy for independent producers and rural America."

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