Farmers Union Urges Senate
Action On Farm Bill This Year

WACO, TEXAS (Oct. 25, 2001) - Texas Farmers Union (TFU) is continuing to push for Senate action on new farm policy despite efforts by the Bush Administration to postpone action until next year.

"Virtually everyone in the agriculture community agrees that the farm bill we have now does nothing to correct the growing instability in rural America," said TFU President Wes Sims. "American farmers and ranchers have been in an economic downturn for the past five years. Congress has passed emergency economic assistance to each of the last four years. To ask our farmers and ranchers to go another crop year without adequate protection could cause grave consequences because the rural economy has already been in a recession for several years."

Extremely low commodity prices, unfair trade practices and increased concentration, along with farm policy that has failed to address these issues, have depressed agriculture families and the rural economy that depend on them," Sims said.

"We understand the difficult circumstances the administration and Congress are dealing with in the war on terrorism," Sims said. "However, we cannot allow the terrorist actions to lead to the further decay of our American food production system which is the core of our existence and the backbone of our rural communities."

"The Senate should work to restructure and improve farm policy this year," Sims stated. "Waiting until next year may prove to be too little, too late for rural America."

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