Comprehensive Health Care Coverage

Texas Farmers Union offers its members comprehensive health care coverage and life insurance for eligible participants at competitive rates.

The group health policy is underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Inc. Individual members of TFU, their families and their employees have an opportunity to enjoy "big company" group benefits at reduced costs through volume buying. The program offers health and term life insurance benefits for individual members, spouses and employees.

In addition to an increasing tax deduction for individuals, insurance costs, when paid by an employer, are legitimate operating expenses in computing taxes. This plan also offers direct access to a well-trained staff in TFU's Group Health Department for assistance with your health program. They can assist you with filing your claims quickly, expertly and efficiently. The program is administered by Texas Farmers Union Marketing, Inc.

For more information, contact:

Donna Shelton

Toll-Free Voice Line: 1-800-299-FARM

FAX: 254-776-5940

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We've Added Dental/Vision
We've Added Dental/Vision

Discount Prescription Drugs
Discount Prescription Drugs

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