News Releases Archives  2005

TFU Opposes Changes in Definition of Milk (12-14-05)

Congress Delays COOL (11-01-05)

Local Farmers Attend National Farmers Union Washington Fly-In (9-21-05)

Texas Farmers Union: Time to Act on Rising Energy Prices (9-01-05)

Texas Farmers Union Urges Congress to Vote NO on CAFTA (7-13-05)

Senate Energy Package Gives Boost To Farmers (7-06-05)

Texas Farmers Union calls CAFTA: a Raw Deal (6-27-05)

Texas Farmers Union Asks For Income Tax (05-11-05)

Texas Farmers Supports Renewable Fuel Standards (4-13-05)

Texas Farmers Union Members Go To Washington (3-23-05)

Texas Farmers Union Opposes CAFTA (3-23-05)

Texas Farmers Union Applauds Senate Vote on Canadian Beef (3-04-05)

103rd Annual TFU Convention TFU Delegates Oppose Trans Texas Corridor (2-1-05)

TFU 103rd Convention in Abilene, Texas (1-18-05)

Canadian Border Should Remain Closed (1-18-05)

Texas Farmers Union Advocates Against CAFTA (7-25-05)

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