News Releases of Texas Farmers Union 2002

Texas Farmers Union regularly issues news releases on a wide variety of topics that impact rural Texas and America and the people that live there. Browse the news release library below and click on the headline to view the entire release.

TFU Calls on House to Act Now (9-26-02)

TFU Urging Action on Illegal Imports (9-19-02)

TFU Hails Passage of Amendment (9-11-02)

TFU Headed to Seek Disaster Assistance (8-19-02)
TFU Headed to Seek Disaster Assistance (8-19-02)

TFU Urges Support for Senate Disaster Legislation (7-31-02)

Farm Groups Call For Assistance (07-12-02)

TFU Disappointed with House Vote (6-27-02)
TFU Disappointed with House Vote (6-27-02)

Farmer Testifies on Disaster Losses (05-24-02)

House Calls For Country-Of-Origin Labeling (04-25-02)

FU Calls for Emergency Disaster Assistance (04-24-02)

TFU Rejects House Farm Bill Offer (04-18-02)

TFU Proposes Investigating Falling Cattle Prices (4-16-02)

Spring Board Meeting, All Executive Board of Directors, All Marketing Board of Directors and All County Presidents

Farmers Union Members Return to Nation's Capital (2-07-02)

Farmers Union Applauds Farm Bill Budget Agreement (3-22-02)

National Farmers Union 100th Anniversary, Conventions Highlights, March 1-4, 2002, Irving, Texas

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