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TFU regularly issues news releases on a wide variety of topics that impact rural Texas and America and the people who live there. Browse the news release library below and click on the headline to view the entire release.

Farm Prices' Record Nosedive Signals Needed Policy Reform (11-01-01)

TFU Farm Bill Recommendations (4-30-01)

Local Farmers/Ranchers Unveil New Farm Bill (3-23-01)

NFU Releases Food Retail, Dairy Study (1-08-01)

Sims Testifies On Ag Policy (11-16-00)

TFU President Requests Country of Origin Labeling (9-27-00)

Letter to the Editor (8-00)

TFU Calls for Ag Policy Change (7-19-00)

House Committee GutsTrade Compliance Measure (06-16-00)

PNTR Passage Requires Fair Trade Rules (5-24-00)

TFU Supports Fair Trade (5-02-00)

TFU Reacts to Budget (04-14-00)

Ag Multi-functionality Importance Noted(12-2-99)

Capitol Hill Farm Rally Photos

Ag Crisis Causes Need To Increase Relief (7-21-99)

IBP Lawsuit (5-1-99)

TFU Urges Sanction Policy Reform (6-10-99)

Take Me To National

Sims Helps Unveil Farm Bill (6-14-01)

Action on Karnal Bunt (6-27-01)

Texas Farmers Oppose 'Fast Track Authority' (7-5-01)

Farmers Union Introduces Farm Bill (7-12-01)

Country-of-Origin Labeling Vote Disappoints TFU (8-01-01)

TFU Urges Adoption of Assistance Plan (8-02-01)

Farmers Victims of Tax Cuts--Again (8-22-01)

TFU Heads to Washington (9-6-01)

TFU Urges Consumer Comment (09-20-01)

TFU Letter Campaign
TFU Letter Campaign

North American Free Trade Agreement (10-11-01)

'Fast Track' Proposal Falls Short (10-11-01)

Farmers Union Pushes Senate for Country-of-Origin Labeling (10-18-01)

Family Farming Success (05-10-01)

Farmers Union Urges Senate Action on Farm Bill (10-25-01)

Sims in D.C. for Senate Farm Bill Visits, National Board Meeting (11-27-01)

TFU Urges Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling (11-27-01)

Farm Groups Urge Senators to Push Forward with Farm Bill (11-21-01)

Senate Ag Committee Votes Against Fair and Competitive Markets and Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling (11-14-01)

Texas Farmers Union Members to Attend NFU Centennial Celebration

TFU 100th Centennial Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas Farmers Union Rates U. S. Senators

Milk Market Order Reform (4-6-99)

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