Texas Farmers Union Urges Support 
for Senate Disaster Legislation

Waco, Texas (July 31, 2002) - Texas Farmers Union (TFU) is encouraging the state congressional delegation to support emergency assistance for agricultural production or quality losses due to natural disaster.

TFU President Wes Sims said his organization specifically supports S.2800, introduced by Montana Sens. Max Baucus and Conrad Burns. "This legislation provides a positive, immediate, and an open ended approach to addressing emergency disaster funding for both 2001 and 2002 crops and livestock losses," Sims said. Earlier this week, 20 agriculture organizations, including National Farmers Union, sent letters to U.S. senators supporting S.2800.

"This legislation is what producers need right now," Sims states. "It is important that this legislation be passed as written. Any attempt to put a cap on the funds given to producers will not serve the need or purpose of emergency disaster assistance."

The Senate Agriculture Committee is expected to mark-up disaster assistance legislation on Thursday. In the meantime, TFU is encouraging farmers and ranchers to contact committee members in support of S.2800.

"Weather-related disasters are facing approximately 40 percent of the nation," said Sims. "It is our hope that Congress will quickly address the growing needs with emergency disaster assistance for 2001 and 2002."

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