North American Free Trade Agreement's
Devastation of Texas
(Farmers Highlighted in Radio Campaign)

October 11, 2001 - Today, the Texas Farmer's Union, The Texas Fair Trade Coalition and the Central Labor Union began airing radio advertisements asking listeners in Texas' 11th Congressional district to call Representative Chet Edwards and urge him to oppose Fast Track trade negotiation authority because of the negative impact trade deals have had on independent farmers. The advertisements were released at a press conference today where Texas farmers were told their stories of how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization have hurt farmers through a glut of agricultural imports that depress commodity prices.

"Texas farmers were promised by Presidents Bush and Clinton that we'd be winners in trade deals like NAFTA. Instead, NAFTA has destroyed us, as imports flood our markets and drive down commodity prices even as consumers pay more for food, some of it unsafe imports," the advertisement announces.

The ad is one of several placed strategically across the country in the districts of undecided members of Congress, and relates Fast Track to the failure of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The advertisement continues by stating that current trade agreement proposals are "so outrageous that these special interests want Congress to step aside and give the President a trade deal blank check called Fast Track."

"Texas farmers are having a tougher time than ever before, all because NAFTA and the WTO have made it all but impossible to make a living farming. Expanding trade on these same terms would be a disaster for Texas farmers, and Rep. Edwards can make a real difference by opposing Fast Track," said Wes Sims, President of the Texas Farmers Union.

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