Texas Farmers Union 108th State Convention coming soon (1-19-10)

January 19, 2010

Texas Farmers Union 108th State Convention is coming up very soon. Convention will start 1:30 p.m. Friday January 29, 2010 at the Elegante’ Hotel in Abilene, Texas. The Convention theme this year is “Hope for Our Tomorrow.”

The Convention will be dedicated to Kenneth Moss from Lubbock, Texas. A lifelong TFU member.

Some featured speakers will be National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson; Rev. Harwood Schaffer, University of Tennessee’s Agriculture Policy Analysis Center; Gary Condra, Ag Law Specialist; Chandler Goule, National Farmers Union Vice President of Government Relations, Dr. Bill Heffernan, University of Missouri, and David Kestner, Jr. from Abilene.

Friday evening reception will have lots of good food. TFU will induct a family into the Pioneers in Agriculture. Entertainment will feature the 2009 “Rural American Idols” Colton Dewberry, Crissy Harrold, and James Smith sponsored by Rains County Farmers Union.

Policy Drafting will be held on Saturday afternoon. The highest priority for Farmers Union is price supports that reflect cost of production, international Fair Trade policies that reflect fairness to both parties, renewable fuel policies that benefit America’s farmers and consumers, and numerous issues that are important to rural Texans.

Texas Farmers Union, P.O. Box 738, Sweetwater, Tx 79556