Texas Farmers Supports 
Renewable Fuel Standards

Washington (April 13, 2005) The Texas Farmers Union (TFU) is supporting efforts by U.S. representatives to increase production of domestic renewable fuels. TFU President Wes Sims said, “that though this legislation is a significant step in the right direction, more immediate relief is needed for farmers to help pay for fuel.”

“I am really worried about what is going to happen to the producers,” said Sims. “Farmers are facing a disastrous economic situation due to the cost of fuel.” Texas Farmers Union is advocating additional assistance from the federal government in paying for natural gas, diesel and fertilizer, the price of which has skyrocketed in the last several months.

“If the cost of fueling farm vehicles and irrigation systems stays this high, farmers will be in a crisis situation come fall harvest,” Sims said.

Several congressmen introduced the Fuels Security Act of 2005 to Congress this week, which would more than double the production and use of domestic renewable fuels including ethanol, biodiesel, and fuels produced from cellulosic biomass. The bill would increase domestic demand for surplus farm commodities, lower federal outlays of federal farm subsidies, improve the environment, and decrease our reliance of foreign oil.

The RFS will also help propel our country toward a self-sustaining energy policy and will continue down the road to cleaner air fostered by the Clean Air Act. Beyond these important benefits, the RFS provision will create vital opportunities for family farmers and ranchers and their rural communities.

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