Texas Farmers Union 
Members Go To Washington

Waco, TX (March 23, 2005) Texas Farmers Union (TFU) members recently returned from Washington, D.C. after voicing their concerns regarding President Bush’s budget cuts, the Central American Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the administration’s rush to reopen the border to Canadian cattle and beef.

TFU members were joined by farmers and ranchers from around the nation at the grassroots legislation fly-in to urge their congressional leaders to oppose these important pieces of legislation.

Attending the fly-in with TFU President Wes Sims were his wife Latria, of Sweetwater, Mike and Pam Oldham, of Howardwick, and Billy, Shorty and Adam Miller, of Crawford. “Our members are taking days from their farm, dairy, and ranch operations to voice their concerns to their representatives in Washington” said Sims.

“TFU members believe the agriculture budget cuts that President Bush proposes for the fiscal year 2006 budget will be much larger than the budget numbers show because the Congressional Budget Office (C.B.O.) estimates the actual number at $18 billion,” stated Sims. “Also CAFTA is more of the same old failed trade policies of the past that continue a ‘race to the bottom’ for producer’s prices.”

“Farmers Union members requested that House members join with the Senate and pass a joint resolution to stop the U.S. Agriculture Department from reopening the border to Canadian cattle and beef,” said Sims. Farmers Union members will not support imports from any nation with confirmed cases of mad cow disease until international export markets are reopened to our producer’s products, mandatory country-of-origin labeling is implemented and the country can prove their cattle and beef are B.S.E. free and that it has complied with the ruminant feed ban.

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