Texas Farmers Union 
Opposes CAFTA

Crawford, TX. (March 23, 2005) At a news conference held today in Crawford, Texas Farmers Union (TFU) President, Wes Sims voiced his strong opposition to the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which he stated would negatively affect all U.S. farmers, the economy and increase trade deficits.

“CAFTA supporters overstate the agreement’s benefits, not recognizing the low wages, ‘below’ $2 per day for most workers with little purchasing power” Sims said. CAFTA will continue the failed trade policies of the past that increase the “race to the bottom” for producer prices.

“This agreement fails to address the major causes of unfair trade such as currency value manipulation and labor and environmental regulations,” Sims stated. CAFTA will greatly increase the imports of sugar, fruits, vegetables, ethanol and other commodities with little or no gain for U.S. producers.

“Texas Farmers Union willingly supports trade that benefits both the U.S. and our trade partners but will not support agreements like CAFI’A that trade away our markets with little benefits to our farmers and ranchers,” the Farmers Union leader said.

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