TFU Approves Policy to Help 
Family Farmers and Ranchers

Waco, TX - Feb 2, 2006 – At last week’s annual Texas Farmers Union convention in San Antonio, members of the organization agreed to support extending the farm bill, call for immediate disasters assistance from congress, and continue the organization’s opposition to a privately held National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

“The Farm Bill, disaster assistance and ensuring that a new animal identification system protects producers’ privacy are the top issues on Texas Farmers’ minds,” said TFU President Wes Sims.

TFU is advocating that Congress extend the 2002 Farm Bill for an additional year to ensure the continuation of the farm safety net and other vital farm bill programs.

“Congress and the administration continue to raid funding from farm bill programs through the budget reconciliation process, despite the fact that the farm bill has actually saved the government money.” Sims said. “Now is not the time to allow Congress to start a new farm bill from scratch that would jeopardize programs that help keep us afloat.”

Texas farmers and ranchers have also been hit hard by hurricanes, drought and wildfires, yet Congress has yet to help local producers deal with these economic losses through disaster assistance. At its convention TFU urged Congress and the president to provide immediate and meaningful disaster assistance to help rural community’s deal with weather circumstances beyond their control.

TFU also reiterated its position on NAIS, opposing the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent plans to make a privately controlled system. TFU wants to ensure that any kind of system implemented is maintained by a public agency.

Wes Sims, Sweetwater was re-elected for the 6th term as President. Mike Oldham, Shamrock was re-elected for 3rd term as Vice President. Dean Slaughter, Perryton; Lynn Hagan, Carbon were re-elected as Directors for a 2nd term. Terry Priesmeyer, El Campo and Shorty Miller, McGregor were elected as Directors for their first term.

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