TFU Elects Wes Sims President for Eighth Term

Abilene, TX — January 30, 2010

Wes Sims was re-elected to an eighth consecutive two year term as President of the Texas Farmers Union (TFU) during the organization’s 108TH annual convention. Sims, a family farmer and cattle producer from Sweetwater, was first elected in 1996 to lead the Texas family farm and ranch group.

“Texas Farmers Union will continue its fight for Fair Trade so our nation will once again prosper and grow,” said Sims. “We must have Fair Trade and open competitive markets if our economy is to once again be the strongest in the world. A line is clearly drawn in the sand, will we have a government by the governed or one that is bought and paid for by a few rich and greedy corporations which wi1l continue the decline of our middle class and opportunity for future generations.”

President Sims went on to report the convention passed the Texas Farmers Union 2010 Policy Statement which contained a Special Order of Business (SOB) opposing Cap and Trade in its present form. “We will work with Congress to restructure Cap and Trade so it will be beneficial to farmers, ranchers, rural communities and decrease carbon emissions. We will continue our support for renewable fuels including wind, solar, ethanol, and cellulosic. Our hope is that cellulosic energy will offer the greatest benefit to farmers, ranchers and rural economy,” Sims stated.

In his further comments regarding TFU 2010 policy, President Sims expressed his resolve to continue working for a farm policy which includes a countercyclical safety net, indexed to the cost of production, an improvement to the disaster assistance program for producers as a result of disasters beyond their control, implementation of County of Origin Labeling (COOL) as originally intended and a ban on packer ownership of livestock.

The TFU delegates also re-elected Mike Oldham, a cotton and cattle producer, from Shamrock to his fourth term as Vice President. Also elected as District Directors were Betty Oldham, a cotton and cattle producer, from Shamrock, Finley Barnett, a wheat and hay producer, from Merkel, A.J. Priesmeyer, a rice and cattle producer, from El Campo and Billy Miller, a dairy farmer from McGregor.

Established in 1902 in Point, Texas the Texas Farmers Union is the states’ oldest general farm organization that represents family farmers, ranchers and rural interests working to improve the quality of life for rural people through education, cooperation and legislation.

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