TFU Rejects House Farm Bill Offer,
Seeks Senate Counter-Proposal

WACO, TEXAS (April 18, 2002)-Texas Farmers Union today rejected the House conferees farm bill proposal and encouraged the Senate to make a counter offer.

"The House has submitted a modest compromise, but it does not adequately address the desperate economic situation in rural America," said TFU President West Sims. "TFU urges the Senate to counter the House offer with a proposal that will provide more certainty for America's farmers and ranchers."

National Farmers Union has asked Senate conferees to come back with a farm bill proposal that includes: *higher and more equitable marketing loan rates that are based on current crop yields; *an improved safety net for all dairy producers; *mandatory country-of-origin labeling for meats, fruits, vegetables, catfish and peanuts; *a ban on meatpackers owning livestock more than 14 days before slaughter, and *production loss support for weather-related crop and livestock losses in 2001.

"Farmers Union commends the House and Senate Farm Bill Conference-Committee for moving forward in the farm bill process and insists that additional progress be made," Sims said. "TFU especially appreciates Senators Tom Daschel (D-SD), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Kent Conrad (D-ND), an Patrick Leahy (D-VT) for holding to the Senate farm bill provisions that are vitally important to our nation's agriculture producers and rural communities."

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